We are re-opening June 8th, 2020.

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Clean, Santize, Disinfect. We have always cleaned and sanitized after each patient and will continue to do so. However, now we must allot for a more deeper disinfecting process and more time between each patient. We also ask that you sanitize your hands upon arrival and prior to leaving the treatment room.
  • No in office waiting. Our lobby area will be closed and we ask that you stay in your car until 5 minutes before your appointment time, with entering office no sooner than that. No accompanying persons will be able to enter or sit in office, unless legal guardian of patient. We will have you call or text when you arrive (919) 841-3728.
  • PPE Requirements. Our therapists and staff will wear masks and a protective layer of clothing, to be changed with each appointment. We are requesting each patient wear a mask from the point of entry and the duration of session until exit. We understand how challenging that may be, especially during a massage but we will do our best to make things as comfortable as possible. Exceptions will be made with a doctors note due to certain existing respiratory condtions, etc. Disposable masks will be supplied if needed.
  • Decrease exposure. The CDC suggests that infected respiratory droplets can be dispersed when people talk. Especially in enclosed spaces. So, it is suggested that “table talk” be limited. We of course want to always be informed of pressure or pain issues and if any adjustments need to be made. We aren’t able to open windows and are currently seeking ways to increase ventilation between patients to help that issue.
  • Increase virtual pay and scheduling. We will primarily be seeing patients we have seen before and limiting new patients at this time. All appointments be pre-paid for via online booking (website or email) or over the phone. With increased time between patients and only able to open up at a 50% capacity means appointment slots will be more limited as we figure things out and therefore must insure appointments are kept or cancelled/rescheduled in a timely manner. For our monthly members, we will charge at time of booking or beginning of the month. We will not start back auto-payment plans at this time as we know some will be ready and some won’t. We also are unsure of if we will continue to move through phases or have another shutdown.
  • Schedule Changes. As mentioned above, we can only operate at 50% capacity during this phase and potentially the next. So there are schedule changes and certain times available to accomodate for all the proper protocols. Also, we will only have one therapist working at a time. We have opened up additional evening appointments to help accomodate, so please check out our online schedule or feel free to email us directly for availability.
  • Some Massage Modalities not authorized at this time. We are currently prohibited from intra-oral massage and face massage as a mask will be worn. We also won’t be able to do certain hot stone procedures or cupping.
  • New Signs, Forms, and Screenings. There will be forms related to COVID-19 that will need to be reviewed and signed. Also questions prior to each appointment to check on how you are feeling and any possible exposure. There will also be signs posted as reminders and for education purposes. We ask that you please keep us informed of how you and those close to you are feeling before all appointments and after if anything new develops.