5 Proven Ways You Can Resolve with GRACE


Its the New Year. Sooo… Happy 2019!

And ah, yes!…the resolution trends are running rampant. Have you considered what changes you want to make this year? Are you tired of the guilt and shame and negative emotions that come if you don’t do it?

Well don’t be! Resolve to “Resolve With Grace” this year! Taking a more holistic nurturing approach provides a life of consistent rejuvenation. Healing time for regeneration. Centering time for recalibration. Quiet time for imagination. Restful time for gratification. And even more healing time for self preservation.

Here are 5 things to consider when crafting your resolutions, or better yet, maybe you just want to write out ways you want to live a better, more full, and healthier life!

  1. Make Every Day “Day 1”. We all know and acknowledge January 1st as THE very first day of the year, but it does not diminish the power you have to start over every single day. Give yourself the grace to start anew the next day. Take pride in a fresh start tomorrow with days that didn’t go so well and be excited for another day to keep moving strong in the right direction on the days where you excel.
  2. Dream Big, Start Small. It is so important to dream, and really dream big! It is also important to understand the bigger the dream, the more steps its going to take to reach it. So the best way to achieve something so big and sometimes overwhelming, is to focus on what one thing you can do each day that will move you closer to the end goal. Write it out and make it plain. If its not written, then its not real. And then go for it. A bunch of small steps towards your dream ALWAYS equal a giant leap closer to who you are working hard to be.
  3. Have a Contigency Plan for Bad Days. What? I’m going to have bad days or even worse days when I could fail?? YES! And its best to go into this with the expectation that you are not going to do this perfectly. Acknowledge those faults and mishaps for what they are though and brush them off. Give yourself a minute to breath, process, and decide to get right back on track. What will you do if you are supposed to run outside every morning and it rains for a week straight? Or you plan to cut out all sweets and sodas and your company is having their corporate sponsored catered luncheons with pre-ordered food? Don’t get HANGRY! Know in advance what you are going to do on the days and in the moments when you are NOT going to feel like following your plan.
  4. Adjust to What You Need. Often times we get really excited about making these changes and we share them with others or plan to do things in a group. It can be discouraging when others start out more fit and slim then us or already eat fairly healthy or seem to get every project done on time. So stay focused on SELF. Listen to what your body is telling you. Be gracious with yourself in allowing you the time needed to build up endurance or focus. Make your plans according to what you want for you and not based on anyone else nor their goals.
  5. Plan Your Rewards. One part of all these resolutions, now healthy lifestyle changes, that often gets left out is the motivation piece. This doesn’t mean you stop and party after every little thing but you must absolutely acknowledge how far you have come. Know in advance what you are working towards and why. And do something special, just for you, when you get there. A massage, a special dinner, or even a whole day of rest. No matter how big or small, you deserve it.

And yes, you should celebrate! Celebrate you. Celebrate your wins. Celebrate how you have changed and become more stronger mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whatever your resolution is, remember that your whole being is impacted and made better. And making it a life long healthy lifestyle change makes this even more evident.

So enjoy walking boldy, courageously, and ever so Gracefully into and through 2019. And as always, let us know if we can help.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you much success and many blessings all year long!


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