Eating healthy is really not more expensive!

Eating healthy is not more expensive, it is more inconvenient.

We have to re-train our thoughts and our minds to stop believing limiting statements. We have to analyze the words that come out of our mouths and the beliefs we carry around in our hearts. Eating healthy requires more work, being healthy is priceless. Understanding the importance of cost versus price. Would you rather redirect $10 a week now in your budget towards making better life choices or pay a $100 copay per each prescription of medicine, if that low if you’re lucky, and pay monthly on hospital and medical bills? Spending an extra dollar on antibiotic and hormone free meats will be a seamless charge on the grand scheme of it all. The problem is most people don’t monitor there spending so they don’t realize in the course of a month where there money actually goes. Maybe you are unknowingly giving $100 a month to McDonalds or Starbucks or even the convenience store that you stop at on a regular basis. Whether $50 or $100 or more, that can make a huge difference on your grocery store purchases or how you feed yourself and your family. Most of the time people wind up eating out, though they don’t think they do often, because they didn’t plan their meals out for the flow of their day. If you travel around a lot do you know the healthy spots? If you are at work all day do you throw a dollar or two a day in the vending machine? Pack snacks, go buy in bulk and separate it out to have food for the week. Cook meals and go ahead as you are putting food away and separate out into containers what you can take with you to heat and eat. No microwave? Awesome! Explore easy recipes like tuna salad, chicken salad, or home made subs! Fruits and vegetables on the go are always great options and a very easy way to get in the necessary 7-13 servings a day with a mix of raw and cooked.

What one thing can you start doing today? What one thing will you commit to buying less? Track your habits for 30 days and see for yourself. Sodas and cigarettes and knick knacks add up super fast…do the math on your spending!

Eating healthy is a process and a lifelong journey, your biggest challenge is identifying areas of weakness, deciding on how to change it, and then DOING IT!

~Your Cast Away team supports you!!!


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