Genes aren’t really affecting your Jeans

Genetics are your tendency, not your destiny.

So many of us have been completely swindled and bamboozled into thinking a diagnosis is our fate, when in fact most things we battle and the most common conditions that ail us are completely preventable. So much so that diet and lifestyle changes can actually reverse the effects of the disease or even keep it from ever plaguing us in the first place. If you are a diet soda drinker, then you have a greater risk of being overweight. Period. Doesn’t matter what your DNA says or what your mom looks like. The reverse of that is the exact opposite because even if there are markers in your DNA for certain illnesses, you can change what you drink and eat to lessen the chances of ever even facing those things. Now let’s be clear, does that mean every single disease is reversible or influenced by diet and lifestyle? Absolutely not!

But a majority of us DON’T fall in that category! The extra weight we carry and toxins we introduce into our systems are often the root to all our evil. The good news is, we can change that. We can do something about it. That’s when the magic happens because your body can begin to repair itself. The cholesterol that’s been building up can be cleared out, the irregular blood sugar spikes can be regulated, the irritability and restless insides can be tamed, the toxins and bad fat or excess weight can be release, the inflammation and subsequent joint pain…GONE! When the body doesn’t have to fight, it won’t. And the peace that follows is healing within itself.

This is not always an easy transition to make and some people don’t even see how this has anything to do with them but we are way more affected by our surroundings and how we grew up than we think. Some people with high blood pressure think they will always have it or can’t control it because people in their family had it and couldn’t control for the last 3 generations. That’s just not true. Yes we are pre-disposed to some things that might make it more of a struggle for us but when you feed your body as well as your mind matters. Change your mind, change your life. If you believe you have the power to impact your health in a positive and dramatic way, you can. IT IS AS EASY AS THAT! But you must believe, and even moreso, you must act on your belief.

~Casting away mental strongholds…side by side in the fight with you.

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