Where It Starts

I had a conversation with a new client, and as I always do I ask many background questions to figure out where someone is on their health journey and what there plans are for themselves. Many times people are taunted with the ideals and goals of what others want for them or where they think they should be without giving much thought to what they actually want for self. I asked, “What are your health goals?” And the first words out are “Well my doctor said, I need to…” That language and the tone used already lets me know that this is something impressed onto her without checking in first or even taking into consideration how she feels.

With each and every person I work with I focus on giving them a voice in their health, I want it to be an educated and fully developed voice, but yet and still theirs. As a health care provider it is my duty to protect people from harm as much as possible, with the knowledge and skills that I have, but I cannot live someones life for them or make them do anything I tell them. Knowledge is only half the battle. The other half, and what I call the very first step is the mental decision to act. There is nothing I can tell you or nothing you will ever learn that will make you healthy. Knowledge is power only if followed by action. It requires mental preparation and the commitment to self.

No one is any better than you or more capable than you. Whatever someone else has done, it is most definitely possible for you.

~Cast Away Therapies…lets get started together

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