You cannot be FAT!

There is a way to shed light on an issue without damaging the very core of a persons spirit. We clearly have a health crisis in our country and in the world, obesity is an epidemic and it is spreading rampantly. But why doesn’t it seem like people care or are taking the initiative to get themselves healthier? Because we have allowed the media, public, and just overall society to shape our minds and verbiage on the issue to make everyone outwardly fat and inwardly lazy or a glutton. For this very reason, people who are trying to lose weight are seen as either trying to do it to impress someone, be like someone else, or get attention from the opposite sex. People actually discourage you from losing “too much” weight when you are simply becoming healthy saying things like “you look sick” or “don’t get too skinny, you disappear”. That is just nonsense! Especially since having unhealthy fat in our bodies actually causes us to be sick and being skinny does not mean your are healthy! We have been brainwashed to believe that everyone who is trying to lose weight is trying to be like the stars on TV or be someone they are not. Now, don’t get me wrong, some people do wrongfully idolize celebrities and go through drastic measures and I’m not downplaying the harmful effects of that on our own personal images but those are typically a small percentage of people who make the decision to lose weight. A death warning from a doctor, the need to exercise to get stronger, to feel good about yourself and feel better with more energy, or how about just wanting to play with your kids without getting winded…are those not notable reasons enough to want to make a change?

But how does it get to that point without triggering some serious reflection and change? People have so desensitized the word fat and being fat that it has been widely accepted as ok and as a norm for some people. Statements such as people just being “big-boned” or everyone in their family being that way or even eating that way is just how they were raised. People exclaim that they don’t no any different and are ok with dying fat and happy. This has led us to be numb to other conditions that are the leading causes of death such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer! Everyone wants to fight this and beat that but no one wants to attack the battle we have with food addictions. We must first acknowledge that you CANNOT be fat! You are NOT fat! No one ever says “I am diabetes” or “I am cancer” or “You are heart disease”, obesity is just as much a chronic illness and condition as these things but it is NOT who you are! We must call it the monster it is and face it head on so we stop being complacent and truly make a difference in this world to begin saving lives that preventable diseases are stealing from us!

“I have excess weight that I am striving to get rid of and won’t let come back, I am currently not at my ideal size but with proper diet and exercise I will achieve my goals and no longer be a statistic in the obesity crisis. I will add years to my life by subtracting these harmful fat cells full of toxins from my body!”

Declare you are NOT fat, you are beautifully and wonderfully made!

~Casting away all that is NOT who we are, together

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